AFC Telford

Sat 26th Nov 2011    BSBP     AFC Telford   1-0   Barrow AFC Att: 1814
My after-game forum comments:
Barrow put on a dominant display today and thrashed AFC Telford 0-1. Ho hum. Shit happens - this is sport and sometimes the underdog wins despite contributing practically nothing for the entire game. We've mugged teams on occasion - and today Telford did it to us. Off the top of my head our really good chances were:
1. Boyes 1 on 1 - fluffed his shot
2. Bolland / Hone? Header on to the bar
3. Smith hits post
4. Mackreth fizzer straight at keeper
5. Nicholas free header over bar
6. Header (didn't catch player) lands on roof of netting
+ approximately another 6 shots from Cooky. He had a mixed day - his shooting was awful and he truly should have slipped Rutherford through for a tap in, but his hustling, his hold up play and his lay-offs were masterful. I know - I've just waded through 3GB of camcorder footage and he was instrumental in most we did. Boyes was out of sorts - just the fluffed 1 on 1 at the beginning of the game and one shanked shot at the end.My feeling is we should've gone three up top when we conceded - keep Cook on and add Almond to the mix. If you are going to lose, may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb and perhaps Skelts or Smith could've been sacrificed at the back to accommodate. I think D&D missed a trick here and were way too cautious.

Fezz played well today.

Two links below to some of the footage I got. First - Mackreth straight at the keeper, second Andy Nicholas heads over with 90mins on the clock. Bunch Of Arse!

Telford did nothing, were complete khazi, and their goal was a present from the lines-lady.

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