Bill Granger's Sausage Tomato and Mozarella Melt

Book: Feed Me Now!
Pages: 224
ISBN: 978184400706
ASIN: 1844007065
Release Date: 3rd April 2009
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This is a wonderful early evening snack, and something that can be enjoyed whilst watching sport on TV - the ultimate finger food. I've also discovered empirically it goes very well with beer!

Changes from Published Recipe

According to the Gospel of BadZilla, it is written in the scriptures that despite Bill Granger being a wonderful chef, his books are prone to error, and it is hereby declared that the can of chopped tomatoes should be 400g and not 200g. If you do use (and in fact if you can find a can of tomatoes sold in the minuscule 200g size) you may find there won't be enough sauce to spread over the ciabatta.

Bill makes a suggestion of Italian sausage, but I happened to have a ring of Spanish chorizo sausage languishing in the fridge desperate to be eaten up, so I used that instead.

Apart from these nit-picks, this is a great snack but wouldn't satisfy for a full sized dinner :D