Bill Granger's Pork Meatballs with Curry Sauce

Book: Holiday
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781741965025
ASIN: 1741965020
Release Date: 1st July 2009
TV Show: Saturday Kitchen
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This delicious curry uses Massamann curry paste (other spellings available), although despite what Bill Granger says, it is not available in supermarkets - I know because I hunted high and low in some extremely well stocked London examples. So to track down a tub of the paste you will need to either buy online or go to a specialist Eastern cuisine supermarket. I got mine from Hammersmith at Thai Smile, although in the past I've been successful buying it at Talad Thai in Putney. A tub will last you many years, doesn't go off and does not need storing in a fridge.

The recipe itself affords little spare time - once the meatballs are in the oven, work must start on the curry sauce and preparation for the rice and side vegetables. I haven't been able to manufacture enough time to do any pre-emptive washing up and this recipe is extremely heavy on resources so expect your kitchen to look bomb-struck at the end.

If you can try and source fresh breadcrumbs - make your own if you have some white bread in the cupboard. If not, Waitrose sell fresh, which tends to be lighter than the dried variety sold in tubes.

Don't forget to grill the cashew nuts and sprinkle over the meatballs when serving - they really give the meal a lift.

An absolutely superlative recipe and currently my signature dish.

Changes from Published Recipe

Bill recommends 600g of pork mince. The problem with that is supermarkets sell the mince in quantities of 500g - so that is what I used. This will make 12 golf-ball size meatballs so if it's dinner for four, then each guest gets three. I think what will probably be enough, although I have to concede I go for four in one sitting.

Bill goes for four tomatoes whereas I replaced this with a 400ml can of chopped tomatoes.

Bill goes for 200ml of coconut milk whereas I opted for a complete 400ml can. 200ml will probably be enough if you are intending on eating the dish in one sitting, but it dries out in the fridge rendering repeat servings somewhat dry. The additional amount of coconut milk helps mitigate this.