Bill Granger's Beef Massaman Curry

Book: Feed Me Now!
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781844007066
ASIN: 1844007065
Release Date: 3rd April 2009
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This turned into a bit of a disaster and is another entry into Badzilla's culinary graveyard. It's always frustrating to spend a few hours of one's time when the results turn out less than favourable. It's even more frustrating when it's evident there's a great recipe in there somewhere and maybe with a bit of tweaking it would be perfect.

The curry turned out to be a very dry affair. Since there was no picture of the final recipe in the book I have no idea if that was Bill Granger's intention. I tend to avoid making any picture-less recipes but with Bill using my favourite (and maybe his) Massaman curry paste as featured in Pork Meatballs with Curry Sauce" it was impossible to ignore. But with the extended cooking time, a very liquid curry dried out and there was precious little that hadn't reduced down by the time it was served.

Unfortunately despite this cooking time the meat wasn't anywhere near cooked through. Thinking about it later, I'm surprised I thought at the time it would be. The meat was cooked on a high flame for a few minutes with the Chinese 5 Spice initially, but after that it was simmered gently for about an hour. Nowhere near long enough for the braising streak to tenderise and cook through.

This was such a shame because the combination of the all the sauce ingredients produced a deliciously aromatic result albeit with meat the best part of being raw.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe is for 4-5 straight out of the book. Since I wanted to make the dish for two, I halved the measures accordingly.

Bill is suggesting 'blade steak' for the meat; I believe this translates to 'chuck steak' in the UK, but regardless of this my butcher's didn't carry any of this so I had to settle for braising steak. I don't believe this had a bearing on the cooking time issue (see above) since the two cuts are very close to each other on the cattle.