Bill Granger's Roast Chicken Curry

Book: Feed Me Now!
Pages: 224
ISBN: 978184400706
ASIN: 1844007065
Release Date: 3rd April 2009
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This recipe taught me a new skill - how to cut a whole chicken into eight pieces. There are plenty of on-line tutorials of course, and I chose a YouTube video, with copious amounts of rewind and pause. In fact, the process isn't particularly difficult, and the second time I made this dish I was an order of magnitude better than the first.

As for the dish itself, apart from the chicken dissection, it is extremely easy, but please read y notes below with respect to the with / without tomato debate.

Changes from Published Recipe

I've made this dish twice and discovered that it can be made in two ways. The meat needs to be marinated for a period before putting into the oven, but before it is, a can of chopped tomatoes should be poured over the chicken in the baking tray. Or not. I have made it using both with and without tomatoes. My own personal preference is without - so the result is tacky finger food ideal for watching TV. With the chopped tomatoes results in a very runny sauce requiring a knife and fork and additional vegetables.