Calendaring Clients

Below are is a list of clients capable (or not!) of synchronising publicly available .ics calendar files. Please help with this page if you can - it would be excellent to know about your successes or failures Smile Also, wherever practicable, please ensure the refresh is set to nothing less than once a day to minimise network traffic.

I don't have Microsoft or Apple products so testing their clients (Outlook and iCal respectively) has not been possible.

Does Work


Open source calendaring client. Works ok. Click for instructions

Google Calendars

Free calendaring client. Works ok *BUT* there remain doubts about whether calendars are always updated correctly. A discussion on this can be found at If you go the Google route, Click for instructions


Open source calendaring client. Works ok. Click for instructions

Should Work

Android Phones

Android phones need an app from their app store - the product page is Calendar (CalDAV) Sync for Android

Apple iCal

Should work fine but I don't have access to a Mac machine to try it out.

Apple iPhone

If you are using OS3 or above then this should work no trouble. If you were an early adopter you can always use RemoteCalendar

Microsoft Outlook

How closely MS Outlook supports caldav calendaring protocols is moot. If you have Outlook 2003 you will certainly need to install additional software to get this to work. You should have a look at iCal4OL or Remote Calendars

Outlook 2007 and 2010 should work ok, so let me know your successes and maybe supply me with some screenshots and instructions? Smile

Doesn't Work

Mozilla Sunbird / Lightning

Mozilla's terrible twins won't play ball on my Linux machine - I kept getting DAV_NOT_DAV errors. Let me know if you can coax some life into either of these two on Windows or Mac platforms. I suspect the problem is localised to the Linux platform so you should be ok on Windows/Mac