Tue 19th Mar 2013    BSBP     Dartford   0-1   Barrow AFC Att: 908
My after-game forum comments:
It was too far away to see anything like that, but Hessey was first to get to our end to celebrate and he was truly wound up and ecstatic. Maybe it was because he had a shocker at Hereford and was pleased about his own performance, the win, and he got a little over emotional? Those would be extenuating circumstances and a context the Dartford fans would not be aware of.

I gave Danny L Rowe a hard time on Saturday, and whilst his performance last night wasn't without fault, he did look a little closer to being a footballer. He demonstrated two new tricks to beat his man, and had a great angled shot cleared off the line when for the world it looked like the defender would spanner it into his own net.

Oddly, last night's team performance wasn't as good as Hereford, but we scrapped hard and battled and on occasion passed it around quite nicely. Dartford didn't trouble Hurst once all evening, and his workload was limited to collecting a bevy of crosses when we were being bombarded towards the end.

I don't agree with the suggestion Alex Harvey being tripped was close to being outside the area. He was well inside, so disregard the parallax from the camera on the footage. He turned in a decent performance along with Baker though I would say Harvey just about nabbed my MoM.

Dartford were probably unlucky not to get a penalty immediately after ours, but I suspect the timing did us a favour. My cod referee psychology reckons five minutes later he would've given it, but at that time it was just too close to ours. Any rate, we dodged a bullet there. The continuous and monotonous cries of 'Handball' every time the ball went into our box probably annoyed the referee also and made him less obliged to award a spot kick.

An excellent night out, and great celebrations at the end. More please!!

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Venue: Princes Park
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