Dell Latitude D430 Netbook Tour

The Dell Latitude D430 netbook was introduced in 2007, but was available with a high specification including a Dual Core processor and WXGA 12.1 screen. I got mine off eBay in refurbished condition - in effect it looks almost new although the grey plastic covers look a little dull and dreary despite not having any visible scratches or dents.


Type Intel Core 2 Duo
L1 cache 32k
L2 cache 2MB
Bus Frequency 533
Installed Memory 1.5 GB (2 GB Maximum)
Smart Card  
Cards Supported 3V and 5V
Type Supported Java Cards
Video 15 pin
Audio Stereo Microphone
Headphones / speakers
USB 4pin USB2.0 x 2
Powered USB 9pin USB2.0
Modem RJ-11 v.92 56k
IEEE 1394a 4pin connector
Mini-card Type IIIA x 2
Network RJ-45 10/100/1000
Type Intel integrated UMA
Type SigmaTel STAC9200
Type WXGA 12.1" 1200x800


The connectors are annotated below. For more pictures of the Dell D430, go to this site's gallery at category/Image-Galleries/Technology/Dell-Latitude-D430

Rear View

Base View

Left Side View

Right Side View