Easy Cook Crispy Bacon and Sausage Carbonara

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: October 2013
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My second pasta dish in a couple of weeks and another belter - which appears to fly in the face of other comments on the BBC Good Food website. I enjoyed it immensely and it is super-quick to put together, and therefore I categorise it as a midweek after work meal.

Changes from Published Recipe

This was made for one so I had to scale down the ingredients. I didn't weigh the penne - I merely did what I always do - decanted dried pasta onto the plate I was going to eat it cooked from, and made a judgement on how much by eye, obviously compensating for it increasing in size.

I bought Tesco's Finest Lincolnshire sausages and used two of them which suggests 4 sausages for four people won't be enough. I used two rashers of streaky bacon which chimes with the same ratios used in the magazine. I used half a small onion which was adequate, and one egg yolk with about 20-30ml of cream. I have no idea how much parmesan went on top of the dish, but going on the photograph, quite a lot!!