Easy Cook Chicken Katsu

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: September 2013
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Here's a new one for me - a Japanese curry made with Indian Korma paste and breadcrumbed with Kellogs cornflakes! The picture in the BBC Easy Cook September 2013 magazine's recipe is a little misleading - the recipe only covers the chicken part of the dish and the rice with soya beans and chilli are a 'serving suggestion'. However that shouldn't prove to be a challenge to most cooks and I elected to create the recipe as per the picture so anyone stumbling across this blog has got a comparison picture of what it actually looks like versus the professional pictures shown in a magazine.

Korma is quite a sweet sauce without much bite although it did work well with the other ingredients. I would be more tempted to try something like a madras should I make the dish again.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe was for two so I elected to half the amount of chicken breasts to two, but I made the same amount of sauce as the recipe suggests. Since I don't eat cornflakes I didn't have any to hand for the breadcrumbs so I bought a 24g mini packet off Tesco Home Delivery which I blended into a fine powder and it worked very well.

The soya beans just needed heating in boiling water, and I used Uncle Ben's easy cook friend rice.