Easy Cook Chicken and Ginger Hotpot

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: October 2013
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The most succulent and tasty part of a chicken is the thigh, and thankfully it's also relatively cheap to buy. Most people tend to go for the more aesthetically pleasing breast meat despite it being considerably more expensive and quite dry. That's their loss. True, thighs can be a little fiddly to de-skin and de-bone,but the results are generally worth it.

This chicken and ginger hotpot is a great conduit for thigh meat and represents for me the essence of oriental cuisine; its texture, taste and smell are reminiscent of soups I've eaten in the best Chinese restaurants in central London.

The recipe is very easy to put together and won't represent a challenge for many. It's ideal for a midweek quick to make dinner after a hard day's graft in the office, and will appeal to all.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe was written with two portions in mind. Since I was on my own I didn't need the quantities specified. I used two chicken thighs, with the bones and skin removed and cut in two or three large pieces.

I didn't exactly half the remainder of the ingredients - for example I used half an onion instead of a quarter, I decided it would be prudent not to half the amount of stock so I used about 100ml.