Easy Cook Melting Nachos

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: September 2013
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A perennial favourite for football fans the world over whilst they watch their chosen sport on TV - nachos. This one is a variant without the normal spicy mince but instead with some shredded ham from the cold cuts counter. It's quite remarkable that this 'recipe' (using the term loosely) has not just been considered for publication, but is prominently positioned in the Easy Cook magazine. Most households I would imagine wouldn't refer to a printed recipe when putting together this dish - it would be thrown together in an ad hoc manner.

No matter - here's the recipe and it really is simplicity itself. There's little to add - nachos are nachos and great with beer and sport. End of.

Changes from Published Recipe

I didn't stick religiously to the printed recipe - I used it more as an aide memoire to ensure that I forgot nothing. Measurements weren't important - I tipped enough tortilla chips into the baking tray to satisfy myself. I dropped on a good handful of grated cheese and ham and there you have it!