Easy Cook Pork with Sweet and Sour Onion Sauce

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: September 2013
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Sometimes BBC Good Food magazine's recipes are not presented in the most user friendly manner. Case in point is the Pork with Sweet and Sour Onion Sauce recipe which is a narrative without ingredients list. This belies the magazine's title and adds a touch of complexity to the food preparation and introduces the possibility of mistakes. Rant over, this is relatively simple recipe albeit using pork which I've always found difficult to cook correctly. Pork doesn't signpost itself when it is ready to eat and tender - as such there is a tendency to overcook. Something I accomplished with this recipe.

Despite this setback, I did like the caramalised red onions and the syrup sauce so it wasn't a complete basket case, but I probably won't be hurrying back fr a repeat attempt.

Changes from Published Recipe

I made the recipe as printed in the magazine. The pork turned out to be quite tough and I was disappointed, although that is probably nothing to do with the magazine and more to do with my lack of cookery skills.