Easy Cook Salmon Fish Cakes

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: September 2013
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BBC Easy Cook magazine is an invaluable source of simple midweek recipes, most of which require little effort and more importantly burn little time in the preparation and the cooking. The salmon fish cakes recipe in the September 2013 issue took about 30 minutes (give or take) which is ideal having arrived home from work hungry yet still requiring something nutritious and tasty.

The results were as good as I had hoped, although my feeling is with just a side salad the dish would be a little dry so I pushed out the boat and threw together a simple parsley sauce from a recipe I found on the Internet.

Changes from Published Recipe

This is yet another recipe whereby not enough thought has gone into the quantities. The recipe requires 350g of salmon which equates to about three fillets. So if you are buying 2 packs of 2 fillets, you will have a fillet left over - senseless! I threw in all four of the fillets which would amount to about 450g making the fish cakes slightly bigger.

Be careful when grilling the salmon. When I came to flake the salmon for the cakes I discovered the salmon hadn't quite cooked all the way through despite it looking superficially ok. So I had to return it to the grill for another few minutes.

The recipe recommended floury potatoes and the ideal candidate would be King Edwards but I guess they were out of season since I couldn't get them anywhere so I went for Maris Piper instead which were of a good consistency for the cakes.

Apart from that, the fish cakes were made as per the recipe.