Easy Cook Turkey, Chilli and Rice Tacos

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: September 2013
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I've mentioned before that the most useless and user unfriendly foodstuff is the taco shell. Here was another opportunity for me to revisit my object of hatred. In fact, possibly because of the volume of the turkey mince I stuffed within them, the shells didn't splinter into a thousand pieces upon first bite. They still had to be eaten with caution and there's always the possibility of a lap full of searing hot minced meat in the lap.

The recipe was a huge disappointment. I'm not a big fan of turkey mince at the best of times. It's very difficult to cook - the grains clump together and form a tasteless mass. Add the kidney beans and the rice and there's very little in there to create any excitement.

Changes from Published Recipe

The authors of this recipe really didn't think through the convenience or otherwise of the ingredients. The recipe suggests a 400g of turkey mince but don't specify which of the major supermarkets supplies the packs in that size. I can confirm that Tesco don't - they have 500g packs so I lumped in all the pack and effectively added 25% more meat than was required.

The photograph in the magazine shows the finished dish sporting grated cheese on top - but this wasn't mentioned in the recipe. I added the cheese to my creation too - and boy did it need it. Without the cheese it would have been totally bland and tasteless.