Forest Green Rovers

Sat 31st Mar 2012    BSBP     Forest Green Rovers   3-0   Barrow AFC Att: 1070
My after-game forum comments:
A few things about the game. Firstly, I thought we played well, and certainly an order of magnitude better than the Mansfield game. I was impressed with Richie Baker and told him so after the game - despite being one of his harshest critics this term, credit where it is due. I also thought Smith played well when he came on. Boyes looked a shadow of the guy I first saw at the Bath away game and was convinced he was too good for us. Not at the moment, but hopefully he'll rediscover some form. Therein lies the problem - we looked impotent going forward and despite some very neat passing exchanges, we seldom threatened. Cook was through on one occasion and should have opened his body and side-footed it passed the keeper, but snatched his shot and dragged it 6ft wide.

Two of Gump's goals were horrendous refereeing decisions. The penalty was utterly appalling and he should be ashamed of himself for awarding it. Their third goal came a result of him playing a rugby union advantage - they flunked an entire movement and shot, so he brought the play back and they duly scored from the free kick. Astonishing interpretation of the rules. I suspect that was the reason Bolland got angry at the final whistle - there was an incident with the ref, he was booked, and so he kicked the ball right over the main stand in a fit of pique. Good clearance.

So despite the score I wasn't too downhearted. I heard they played well at HS so Gump are clearly no mugs and we more than matched them for large parts of the game.

And finally there were more than 29 of us. I counted 35 which may exclude a few at the shop buying food / those having a toilet break.

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Venue: The New Lawn
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