Good Food Stir-fry Chilli Beef Wraps

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: March 2013
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There were a couple of compelling reasons for selecting this recipe - firstly any stir fry is going to be quick, and secondly it uses inexpensive frying beef. In fact for once I'd say I probably equalled the magazine's suggested preparation time if not bettered it with a meagre ten minutes or so. The meat was bought from Tesco's value range of products - not something I can often say, but it was a good looking piece of frying steak, albeit with a little marbling of fat which I removed, and it was quite thin which was great for its purpose.

The black beans cannot be sourced from Tesco Direct online delivery service; I don't know if they are available from larger stores which regrettably are thin on the ground in central London. So, my old stand-by was used - Fulham Northend Road, and sure enough I uncovered a 400g can in one of the many African/Middle Eastern/Asian grocers.

The results were pretty much what I expected - a good if a little uninspiring midweek main meal.

Changes from Published Recipe

I thought their wasn't quite enough meat in the recipe so used an additional 100g to use up what I had in the Tesco pack. Perhaps I am treading on Fajitas territory, but I thought the recipe was crying out for soured cream or crème fraîche, and so I added that with a generous spoonful in each of the tortillas.