Good Food Asian Caramel Chicken Wings

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: November 2013
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BBC Good Food magazine November 2013 issue contains a wonderful recipe for Asian Caramel Chicken Wings. I suspect strongly that the dish doesn't represent a balanced intake of one's daily vitamins, but as an occasional treat there can't be much harm.

Question marks arise as to whether the dish would be sufficient for four hungry adults as printed in the magazine, and certainly as a main course it wouldn't. But as part of a platter of finger food for watching the footie - perfect!

The magazine does rather over emphasise the importance of cooking the caramel far enough. This can be taken with a pinch of sugar - the reality of it is the caramel doesn't stop cooking for the entire duration whilst the chicken wings are also cooking and as a consequence you will definitely end up with sweetly bittered blackened covered wings.

Changes from Published Recipe

I didn't have 1kg of chicken wings; my packet was approximately 850g and so I scaled the ingredients very slightly. I haven't encountered gluten-free fish sauce so used the regular stuff. Apart from that, I stuck to the recipe and as can be seen in the photo, the results look very similar to that from the magazine.