Good Food Balsamic Steak with Peppercorn Wedges

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: February 2013
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Midweek evenings (or even a Monday after a stressful day in the office) require something quick and easy, yet the chosen recipe must be something to looking forward to. The thought of getting home, with a requirement to do some work for another client, and no decent chow on the go would be distinctly depressing. So how about a balsamic steak with peppercorn wedges to brush away the blues?

The recipe is extraordinarily easy to put together, and by the time the oven had reached operational temperature both the potato wedges and the marinaded steak were ready to cook. The recipe was an extremely tasty tour de force, and one I will surely use again.

Changes from Published Recipe

Firstly, the recipe called for the steak to be marinaded for at least an hour. All well and good if I'd read the recipe in advance. But since I didn't, and since I'd just got home from work and wasn't prepared to wait, the steak got a maximum of 20 minutes in the fridge. Or probably a lot less than that actually.

I halved the oil / green peppercorns / thyme mixture and rolled the wedges in it; I'm not too sure I got the quantities correct. I love green peppercorns but since their taste was a little muted in the final result, I think more are required.