Good Food Chicken Gumbo

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: September 2013
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The Chicken Gumbo recipe in BBC Good Food magazine's September 2013 issue represented another scaling issue - the recipe was written for four, but I wanted it make the dish as a week day meal for myself and didn't want to be eating leftovers for the rest of the week. I had one small chicken breast to use up so some mental gymnastics were required.

Disappointingly Tesco couldn't fulfil my order for fresh okra but thankfully four stops on the bus to Fulham North End Road - a great place for Mediterranean grocers - was all that was needed. Citizens in more outlying areas may not be so fortunate.

I had eaten a large lunch so didn't bother with accompanying the soup with either crusty bread or rice. A wise choice since the gumbo was extremely filling and was certainly enough for an average adult's appetite. The result was enjoyable and since there are a bunch of healthy ingredients I felt quite sanctimonious whilst eating.

Changes from Published Recipe

I have a feeling this recipe may produce quite modest portions if made for the proposed four. As previously mentioned I elected for a small chicken breast, a small onion, half a green pepper, one celery stick, half a can of chopped tomatoes and a small handful of okra. This, by and large, represents halving most of the ingredients and yet I didn't feel the results were worthy of presenting to two adults!