Good Food Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: September 2013
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Sunday evening curry has become a bit of a tradition for me, and for that reason it may be time to give it a rest before the institution becomes stale. But before that happens, I knocked up BBC Good Food September 2013 issue's Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry. Now the recipe is ostensibly a 'quick' meal since it is underpinned with a supermarket branded paste. The reality of it is the curry still took a significant amount of elapsed time to prepare, although admittedly some of the legwork had been removed with the use of a paste.

The recipe suggested the use of Patak's Korma paste. Now I have a problem with Patak's pastes without being able to posit a viable alternative. My feeling is I am the child who notices the emperor has no clothes on, whereas everyone else is oblivious and thinks nothing but good thoughts about the product. Patak's, to me any rate, all taste 90% the same. So - you want a Madras? Well it'll be significantly similar to the rest of the pastes in the range, but there will be an additional 10% more chilli. Want a korma? No problem, we'll start with our 90% base product and add 10% of sweetness. Of course this could be complete and utter baloney, and I am certainly in the minority, but I am steadfast in my opinion.

Now, on to the recipe. The cooking time is ambitious to say the least so I would heartily recommend adding another 15 minutes to the suggested 45 minutes. This may just influence whether you proceed or make alternative arrangements. As for the results - I loved it in all its sweetness. It's certainly not something I'd like to consume every night and much prefer more heat, but it excelled in taste and thus I have no cause for complaint.

Changes from Published Recipe

the recipe was for four, but I wanted to make for two. I didn't however half the ingredients. So here's what I went for: Two small chicken breast fillets instead of the chicken thighs suggested in the magazine, one large sweet potato cut into SMALL chunks (important since that will impact the cooking time) and one onion, albeit it a small one. It was also one of the rare occasions I had precisely 200g of canned tomatoes in my fridge (a can halved from a previous meal) - so that gave me inordinate satisfaction to use it all up.

Now, I have two serious problems with this recipe. Firstly the cooking time must be increased substantially to ensure the sweet potatoes are cooked through and have no 'bite' - and they must also be turned in the frying pan periodically. I would recommend parboiling the potatoes first t give them a start. I wouldn't recommend my approach - adding 15 minutes to the 30 simmering time to ensure the potatoes are done.

Secondly the curry dries out very fast regardless of the extended cooking time. I added at least 300g additional boiling water, but it could have been easily more.

So with reservations I would recommend this dish but please note my comments above.