Good Food Chilli Beef with Black Beans and Avocado Salad

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: February 2014
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I'm always on the look out for new chilli recipes, and the Holy Grail is to uncover one which doesn't contain beans - apparently that's the traditional Mexican way of making chilli. Well this one does contain beans, but not kidney. A whole two cans of black beans (now available from most large Tesco branches) are required if you are making this directly from the printed recipe.

The use of black beans instead of kidney beans had quite a profound effect, and I believe for the better. The flavour is changed radically giving it greater depth. The amount of heat in the dish was spot on - any more would have been uncomfortable and any less would have left the dish somewhat underwhelming. Definitely a great recipe and one which will probably replace my decades old regular chilli recipe.

Changes from Published Recipe

I was making this for myself and didn't want to be eating it up all week so elected to half most of the ingredients, giving potentially three servings. I did however retain a full beef stock cube and used an entire can of tomatoes and a can of water. Rather unsurprisingly this meant the dish was a little too liquid after the 15 minutes covered cooking. So for the final ten minutes with the lid off I boiled it furiously to reduce the sauce. This worked very well and I was extremely impressed with the results.