Good Food Harissa Roasted Tomatoes with Couscous

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: September 2013
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This recipe from Good Food magazine's September 2013 issue pushed the limits on how long I'm prepared to wait for my after work midweek meal. The roasting time of 40-45 minutes (in fact it turned out to be less) certainly pushed my patience and meant a post-8pm dinner. However it can't be denied that it was a welcome change for me to be eating a meal without any sight of meat.

There are plenty of taste sensations in the dish, with the bitterness of the tahini / Greek yoghurt, the woodiness of the roasted almonds and the fragrance of the mint and parsley. The biggest disappointment was the harissa - by the time the tomatoes had been roasted for an interminable amount of time, any hint of harissa left on them was purely coincidental.

An ok dish but one which could do with a significant amount more harissa to add to the zing.

Changes from Published Recipe

Since I was preparing just for myself I elected to go for four tomatoes - precisely a quarter of the amount suggested for four people. That turned out to me enough.

I went for one small onion and a supermarket pack of flavoured garlic and sun-dried tomato couscous which complimented the meal very well. In addition I had a small can of chickpeas which was probably too much and should have been halved.