Good Food Italian Sausage and Chestnut Pasta

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: October 2013
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I love pasta with a rich meaty thick sauce and this recipe surely fits the bill. The recipe suggests Lincolnshire sausages as an alternative to Italian, and despite there being a top quality butcher in Barons Court only ten minutes walk for me which does sell genuine Italian sausages, I also went for Lincolnshire since I was doing all my purchasing using Tesco Direct.

The result was spectacular and I can confidently say the best pasta dish I have ever prepared. The range of flavours including the full bodied Shiraz, rosemary, garlic and chestnuts produced a stunning melange all complementing each other.

The only fly in the ointment being the recipe suggests there will be adequate for six people. Without being too generous with my portions I would say 3-4 is more realistic. So be very careful and have a dummy run if you are having guests over and are considering this dish.

Update: November 2013

Apropos the notes below, I elected to make the dish again but this time including the missing fennel seeds and using the large conchiglioni rigati shells sold by Tesco. The fennel seeds provide an under-taste of aniseed which greatly enhances the overall flavour. I would therefore heartily recommend that any one considering the dish should source the fennel seeds before embarking. I was less than impressed with the Tesco large pasta shells. I made them three times with varying cooking durations and the pasta was tough on each occasion. I must put this down to Tesco and not the recipe.

Changes from Published Recipe

I made the recipe as close to the printed copy as possible, At the last moment as I was starting the preparation I realised I was out of fennel seeds so they were omitted. The vacuum packed chestnuts were obtained from Sainsbury's - another product that Tesco Direct fails to stock. I didn't have any whole Parmesan but did have grated so went for that instead of using shavings.