Good Food Lamb Kofta Tagine

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: November 2013
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Another recipe from the excellent BBC Good Food publication, this time November 2013's Lamb Kofta Tagine. I've always been a fan of lamb mince - an affordable way of eating lamb which by and large I consider most cuts too expensive to buy. The recipe is easy to make, although it took me a couple of attempts to roll out the kofta balls to the correct size. The magazine suggests 'walnut' size balls which I clearly misinterpreted as 'golf ball size'. By re-rolling the meat to the correct size, I doubled the quantity!

Changes from Published Recipe

I halved the ingredients weights and measures; I had 250g of lamb mince as my starting point. Now here's something important - it's extremely unlikely the published quantities will be sufficient for the amount of people the recipe suggests. I would be inclined to say that 500g would probably - at a push - feed three adults.