Good Food Mexican Chicken Stew with Rice and Beans

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: January 2014
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I can't deny until two years ago I hadn't heard of chipotle paste and yet now it appears to be omnipresent and frequently appears in magazine recipes, giving dishes a barbecue smokey chilli flavouring. Mexican cuisine manages to pack many flavours using relative inexpensive ingredients which is often a deterrent for me when considering eating out - the cost on the plate in Mexican restaurants is considerably higher than it aught to be. So when I choose Mexican, it is always Mexican at home.

I really loved this recipe - it has the flavours, the heat, the contrast with the yoghurt and the rice, and topped with a Mexican beer and lime, life is good.

Changes from Published Recipe

The accompanying rice called for pinto beans which I had difficulty in sourcing so elected to go for kidney beans instead.

I was making the stew for myself so elected to half all the ingredients apart from the chicken - I used only one breast.