Good Food Piri-Piri Fish and Chips with Spicy Peas

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: October 2013
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Here's an interesting take on traditional British fish and chips. A spicy variation with piri-piri marinade on the fish which is baked, and chilli-infused mushy peas. I could have cut a corner with the chips by opting for pre-cut frozen oven chips but I elected to follow the recipe and rounded up a couple of baking potatoes. Any floury, fluffy potato would be good - such as Maris Piper or King Edward.

As it transpired, the chips, drizzled with lemon and olive oil, cooked superbly well and I can confirm this type of chip is now my favourite, displacing Chinese takeaway chips.

In fact, the entire recipe was a resounding success and will definitely be a dish to which I return.

Changes from Published Recipe

This was dinner for one so I only cooked one sea bass fillet. I didn't weight the potatoes - I merely selected two medium sized baking potatoes and used them for the chips.

I did follow the recipe for the marinade and I suspect if the recipe was for two people, there may not be quite enough to go around.

Again, with the peas - I didn't resort to measuring, I merely selected I thought would be enough peas out of the bag.