Good Food Pizza Pie

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: October 2013
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Pizza pie? What is this concept? Well, it's regular pizza and it has additional pizza base but on the top to close it off as a pie. Neat eh? What's not to like? Of course this additional pizza base dough does require manipulating and rolling out which doubles the trouble. I have a food mixer with a bread making attachment which is ideal for creating the pizza dough and it's 'ready' for rolling within four minutes. However, at this point it's still extraordinarily wet and sticky and therefore nigh on impossible to handle. What I discovered is the base which I rolled out first was a complete nightmare and stuck to the rolling pin, my hands, and the rolling surface. By the time I came round to rolling out the top, the dough was relatively docile and much easier. So there may be some mileage in waiting five minutes or so before rolling out in future.

I have a running bet with many people, yet to be proven one way or the other, that I can make a homemade pizza faster from the pizza mix to the first bite on the completed pizza quicker than it takes to receive a delivery from a pizza takeaway service. I think it would be marginal but I'm going for a victory with five minutes to spare. This pizza pie however took a fair amount longer to build and I would probably lose my wager. The cooking time is increased due to the lid and obviously there is more prep time.

The results were excellent and I really enjoyed the pizza pie although making it wasn't easy.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe calls for 300g of pizza pie mix but yet again Tesco don't provide packaging in that size. I bought two 145g packs and added them together. As mentioned I used my food mixer to create the dough and once the dough was rolled out I can confirm there was more than enough for the base and the lid.

I probably used more oregano and parmesan than the recipe called for, but it was non-the-worse for it.