Good Food Rich Chicken and Walnut Stew

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: November 2013
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It's not every day I make myself Persian stew. In fact, I would imagine this is my first ever attempt, and whilst it was quite a tasty offering, it will probably be my last for a period of time. The recipe, from BBC Good Food November 2013 issue, is based heavily on walnuts and pomegranate molasses. Once the onion and the chicken is added, there is nothing else to it. I can't help but feel it deserves a little more.

Now as mentioned below I went off piste with this recipe. The recipe called for an incredible 550g of walnuts which (forgive the pun) struck me as complete nuts. I drew the line at 400g which was plenty expensive thank you very much.

The battle of the sweet tackiness of the pomegranate molasses versus the bitterness of the walnuts was officially a draw. The two work well together but at a time premium. Three and a half hour cooking time is way too much considering the results which is a big consideration not to return any time soon.

Changes from Published Recipe

As previously noted, I cut down the frankly ludicrous 550g of walnuts to 400g. They thickened fine in an hour (as per the recipe) but I used a fast simmer. The molasses thin the mixture once added and thus it was necessary to remove the lid for the last 20 minutes to complete the thickening process.

One onion I don't believe is enough for the size of the stew and I would recommend a second.