Good Food Salt and Pepper Prawns

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: February 2013
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This recipe called for another attempt at wok frying; it always strikes me as an extraordinary waste of oil, filling a couple of inches worth of vegetable oil in a wok that will have to be tipped away once used. Another problem is getting the temperature correct; I put my hob ring on 75% which I felt was safe enough to eliminate the possibility of it reaching a flashpoint. Prawns of course only require a minute or two so any frying is a speedy process, even if the prawns are cooked in batches.

My dipping sauce looked nothing like that pictured in the magazine. It was at best a murky green normally reserved for the most stagnant of ponds. That didn't necessarily detract from the bitter / sweet taste although since a fraction of any tasting is the visual experience, so I poured it into a dark browl bowl to disguise.

I loved the finished dish. The prawns had a wonderful crunchiness to them as I bit into the spice mix, stemming from the combination of salt flakes and Sichuan peppercorns. So with the reservation about the frying (and the incumbent mess it always appears to generate in my kitchen) I would heartily recommend.

Changes from Published Recipe

I halved the number of prawns since I only had half a bag as leftovers, but there's categorically nowhere near enough for the suggested 6-8 unless a limit of a couple of prawns each is imposed.

I didn't half the quantities of the spice mix or the dipping sauce purely for ease of making, and rather unsurprisingly there was a surplus of both.

Apart from that, the recipe was made as per the printed magazine.