Good Food Salted Honey Fudge and Chocolate Tart

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: October 2013
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What's this? Salted Honey Fudge and Chocolate Tart? What's not to like? On the face of it nothing, and that was the compelling reason to take on BBC Good Food October 2013 magazine's recipe. Sadly, the reality did not match the dream, and there was plenty to dislike in this recipe. A recipe which was either compiled by people incapable of understanding averagely talented (at best) cooks like me would not be able to make it; or alternatively that aforementioned averagely talented cook is in fact totally bereft of talent and considerably under average.

Either way, whilst the tart tasted ok, it looked a complete abomination, so much so I was reluctant to even commit a photo to this blog. Yes - that bad.

So, where do we start? Well, why not with the shortcrust pastry? My first attempt (yes, I tried to make this twice not believing the recipe could be so bad first time) yielded a mottled pastry which had a colouration not non-adjacent to a Fresian cow. The cocoa powder did not blend into the pastry during the pulsing together. My second attempt was better - I diced the shortcrust pastry into smaller pieces and I was scrupulous in ensuring the cocoa powder was well distributed into the food processor. Once the pastry was rolled out it became very brittle and took a not inconsiderable effort to get it into the tart case. The results were depressing after blind-baking - the sides easily snapped off - that's not including the parts that dropped off of their own volition during the baking process.

Now the salted honey fudge. The amount of salt required has been set way too low in the printed recipe. It aught to be at least twice the amount, although possibly more - for the recipe to bear the word 'Salted' in the title, it MUST taste vaguely salty.

Tipping the honey fudge into the chocolate crust presented another problem. The case isn't water tight. The fudge leaked out of the bottom and most was lost. I'm open to suggestions on how to prevent that from occurring.

The chocolate and cream layer looked promising until the cake was chilled. The cream separated in patches causing a rather unsightly effect on the top of the tart that looked distinctly unappealing.

So I ended with a tart that had a partial and flaky crust that was leaky, non-salty honey fudge that largely disappeared out of the holes, and chocolate and cream topping that separated. Terrible.

Changes from Published Recipe

I made no changes to the printed recipe - all the more galling that it didn't work.