Good Food Sausage and Lentil Traybake

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: November 2013
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An unusual dish here - sausage and lentil traybake, and not one I would normally consider and yet it certainly worked and was very enjoyable. Lentils are indelibly etched in my psyche as the food consumed in vast quantities by Neil the student in the TV sitcom 'The Young Ones', and as such they are a food stuff I by and large avoid. The purchase of ready cooked Puy lentils was a first for me but won't be the last.

Changes from Published Recipe

Despite the ingredients list being short, I did make a few minor adjustments. I was cooking just for myself so only used one pouch of lentils. I used Lincolnshire sausages, and felt I would need three (a correct call). Much to my surprise and shock I discovered I didn't have any brown onions when I came to make the recipe so used a couple of small red onions instead.