Good Food Sichuan Pork, Broccoli and Cashew Stir-Fry

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: February 2014
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This recipe is one of those that is far from photogenic. BBC Good Food magazine's February 2014 issue has a picture of the recipe being cooked in the wok, which is a good move since once served its darkness is somewhat off-putting. This is a little unfair since the recipe is lovely and if the pork is cooked correctly and still tender, will provide a quick and tasty and rewarding meal.

The ingredients were easy to sauce; I thought I would have problems obtaining chilli bean sauce but that proved incorrect and was available with Tesco Direct. In the past I had bought Chinese black vinegar from Waitrose so this was another opportunity to use it.

Changes from Published Recipe

As is often the case with how I approach Good Food magazine recipes, I elected to create the sauce exactly as printed. However since I was only making for myself I reduced the main ingredients substantially. I cut myself five or six slices off the pork loin, used one red onion and scaled down the broccoli.