Good Food Smoked Haddock and Sweetcorn Chowder

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: September 2013
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So who doesn't like a good thick chowder? I've been lucky enough to travel to the States on many occasions and remember well my first sampling of New England Chowder in situ. From that point on, I just had to return to the same restaurant every day of my holiday for the same meal. Thankfully chowder has finally travelled across the pond and is becoming more available in this country,

BBC Good Food September 2013 has an interesting take on the classic. Instead of clam chowder, we have smoked haddock chowder. I've had a big pack of smoked haddock fillets languishing in my freezer since I made kedgeree last, so this was an excellent opportunity to make inroads and create some space in the freezer for other foodstuffs.

The recipe isn't difficult and there were no challenges putting it together. I would say the timings are accurate too, so budget on about 35 minutes to get the finished masterpiece on the table. The results are sublime, and I think I actually prefer it over the clam variant.

I didn't make the herby garlic bread that was supposed to accompany the dish; I merely bought a pre-made garlic baguette and heated it as per the instructions for 12-15 minutes.

Changes from Published Recipe

I was making for two so by and large I halved the ingredients although I wasn't particularly rigorous. I used one decent sized haddock fillet and a small handful of new potatoes which were chopped up. The potatoes represented the only problem with the recipe - I personally don't believe they can be cooked through and soft within the prescribed time. I would simmer for an additional 5 minutes to ensure the potatoes are cooked.