Good Food Spanish Chicken

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: November 2013
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At last a recipe comes along giving me an opportunity to road test my new anodised sauté pan! The magazine suggested that the end to end time would be 45 minutes although this once again proved to be wildly optimistic and it took me about 55 minutes. The chicken thighs needed to be coated with flour and paprika and seasoning which was a little messy, and then the vegetables prepared.

The result was spectacular although there are a couple of considerations for anyone wishing to undertake the recipe. Firstly, there is very little stock in which to cook the rice and as such there has to be care the pot doesn't dry out. As a result of point one, the rice at the bottom of the pan and next to the cooking surface did fry a little resulting in it being a little crunchy. Now I know that Paella should have exactly this effect, so perhaps the same is the case with Spanish Chicken?

Changes from Published Recipe

I used a complete pack of Tesco chicken thighs so there was five pieces that hit the pan. I cooked the yellow pepper as per the instructions, but since I already had a roasted red pepper from a jar which was obviously already cooked, that was added with only five minutes cooking time remaining.