Good Food Spicy Beans on Toast

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: October 2013
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Regardless of my financial position, whether flush or broke, I love the occasional UK staple of beans on toast. Comfort food at its best. I'll concede this doesn't happen too often - maybe two or three times a year but because of that, when I do decide to make it, I feel a genuine excitement.

Despite this affection, there are ways of making beans on toast even more delectable, and Good Food magazine has come up with a belter - Spicy Beans on Toast. In fact this is more than just spicy beans since there's poached eggs in there too. The result has become a firm favourite and has now displaced 'normal' beans on toast.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe suggests low salt and low sugar beans. I however eschewed this strategy and went for the normal full fat variety. I had packet semi-dried tomatoes in olive oil instead of canned and so I patted them dry first before using.

I didn't stick to the recipe per se since I was making purely for myself. I went for half a 400g can of beans but two poached eggs made in a poacher. I used guesswork for the amount of semi-dried tomatoes and for the amount of spices - generally halving the quantities.

I didn't have any fresh coriander to hand so went for parsely instead.