Good Food Spotty Pudsey Cake

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: November 2013
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BBC Good Food magazine November 2013 contains Emily Kydd's recipe for a Children In Need charity cake; the intention being to bake the cake and sell slices to friends and colleagues and donate the proceeds to the charity. This gave me an idea - why not make two cakes, and therefore double the money? Well, that could be some feat - the cakes would have to be more than just edible, they would have to be decorated to the same standards as the photographed example in the magazine. Tall order!!

The decoration is particularly challenging - not necessarily for the skill required, but certainly for rounding up the ingredients. The hundreds and thousands sprinkles had to be sourced from The States - our puny UK efforts apparently lose their colour during baking. Coloured fondant icing is available in many high street supermarkets but yellow is somewhat difficult to trace so that too needed to be purchased online.

The costs mounted once postage and packing was included - so much so I have elected to document in the bill of materials below.

Bill of Materials

Ingredient Cost P & P
Butter 400g £2.40 £0.00
Caster Sugar 200g £0.30 £0.00
Self-raising flour 400g £0.32 £0.00
Vanilla extract + baking powder + milk £0.00 £0.00
Eggs x 8 £2.33 £0.00
Sprinkles 280g £9.98 £10.95
Yellow fondant 500g £2.60 £7.99
Raspberry Jam 454g jar £0.90 £0.00
Multi-pack coloured fondant icing 500g £3.99 £0.00
White fondant 250g £1.06 £0.00
Double cream 600ml £1.68 £0.00
Lemon curd 280g £1.47 £0.00
TOTAL £27.03 £18.94
GRAND TOTAL £45.97  
Per Cake £22.99  

The cakes turned out to be a little disappointing. They are very dense - the top sandwich is too dense to support the filling which will immediately be squeezed outwards. Some of the quantities are wrong too - there is way too much filling, and nowhere near enough raspberry jam. There's a little dishonesty here - it's clear looking at the magazine photograph that the cake has additional jam on that cake too.

The cake is a little on the dry side, and would be in worse shape without the chocolate sprinkles.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe says that the filling should be whisked by hand which proved impossible - without reverting to an electric whisk the cake would not have been ready for 2014 Children in Need.

As mentioned - expect to use more raspberry jam than specified so have some on standby, and it wouldn't be a disaster if the quantities in the filling were halved.

The coloured spots on the cakes were pushed out using a piping nozzle, although the cut-outs then needed gentle persuasion to drop out with a skewer.

Pudsey Cake

There is absolutely no way I would spend nearly £20 on sprinkles for a cake whether it includes postage or not. That is ridiculous. I would rather risk the colour vanishing. In my experience, if you buy half decent sprinkles, they are ok in a cake. The ingredients adding up to over £40 for two cakes is totally unrealistic for today's cooks/bakers. There are plenty of ways to shave costs obviously but Good Food needs to get real in its recipes - they are always expensive to make in my experience.