Good Food Sticky Seeded Salmon with Satsuma Salad

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: November 2013
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Yet another review of a recipe from November 2013's BBC Good Food magazine - here we have Sticky Seeded Salmon with Satsuma Salad, and it is so ridiculously easy and tasty it's fiendish! There is practically no effort required in assembling this dish (I can barely call it cooking) and for once the magazine's timings look if anything rather generous. I would agree with the 15 minutes for cooking the salmon, but it doesn't take 10 minutes for the preparation unless they are bundling in time for the oven to warm up!

Changes from Published Recipe

Before I commenced making this dish I decided I was going to adhere to the published recipe word for word. However, I couldn't see the point of the dressing; I thought it was over egging the cake (please excuse the culinary pun) and so I totally left it out.