Good Food Thai Beef Coconut Dressing

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: September 2013
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BBC Good Food magazine have introduced a monthly schedule to their magazine. Of course it isn't consistent since some of the weeks focus on family meals whilst other weeks are dedicated to meals for two. Scaling recipes to my own needs can be difficult - during the week I tend to cook just for myself whilst at the weekend I may have a friend over so it'll be a joint effort. These evening meals during the week after a long hard slog at work must be easy to put together - the last thing I need would be a slog though an overtly complex recipe.

So 'Week 4 Suppers for two's' Monday entry proffered Thai Beed with Coconut Dressing - on te face of it an easy option, and I really was preparing on Monday. Perfect synergy.The recipe was for two, I was on my own so the big question was how do I scale this down? More on this in a moment!

The recipe contained a massive ambiguity, and in my befuddled post-work stupor I didn't think through the prose so, steered by the errant text, dropped a clanger. I added the coconut dressing to the pan of boiling water which should have been used for heating through the green beans. The dressing should have gone on to the griddle pan (if I'm reading it correctly) after the beef had been fried.

The net result was I cooked the green beans in the water with the coconut dressing, boiled it furiously for 10 minutes to reduce it, then sieved it and added the contents of the sieve (green beans, thickened dressing) on to the final plate.

Not a complete disaster but not perfect either. The results were good without being spectacular and so on balance it's probably not a recipe to which I will return.

Changes from Published Recipe

The eternal dilemma on how the recipe should be scaled. This time I'm scaling from the recipe's two to just one. The meat was easy - I had a medium sized rump steak so elected to use that and didn't consider weights. I used the full amount for all the ingredients in the coconut dressing, used half a cup of rice (again I don't know the weight) and less than half a pack of green beans.