Good Food Tomato and Chorizo Rice

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: October 2013
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Another fantastic recipe from BBC Good Food magazine - and can be made in (according to the magazine) 10 minutes for the preparation and 10 minutes for the cooking. In fact the process always takes longer but in this particular case not by much. Of course some time is obviously saved by using roasted peppers from a jar, but there's also the convenience of this too to consider.

The recipe includes pitted green or Kalamata olives, but despite repeated attempts to get used to olives, I simply cannot and thus my final dish excluded them. Despite this the dish was terrific and would certainly be something I would cook again.

Changes from Published Recipe

The magazine has yet again been guilty of using measurements that don't apply to Tesco products. I bought a 200g pack of uncooked chorizo and used that instead of the required 250g. As mentioned previously, I didn't use olives since I really can't get on with them.