Good Food Turkey and Potato Curry

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: December 2013
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By the 27th of December it can be assumed I will be tired of eating turkey, despite there being copious amounts of it left. It therefore made sense to chose a recipe that would bring a new dimension to the meat (which was lovely and succulent by the way) and thus BBC Good Food December 2013 issue provided the inspiration with its Turkey and Potato Curry.

The results were not necessarily as good as I had hoped. The curry is very dry so I suspect that it would be improved with more water adding when the canned tomatoes are added. The recipe is for four people but I suspect that would be pushing it - three good portions are possible but four portions only if the meal is being served with an appetiser.

Changes from Published Recipe

I made the recipe exactly as published, although I didn't weigh the turkey - I just used eyesight and dead reckoning which I think I got fairly close, perhaps on the generous side but I did have a lot of turkey needing shifting.

I used Patak's vindaloo paste since (a) I had an opened jar already in the fridge, and (b) for authenticity reasons - a vindaloo should always be cooked with potatoes.

I accompanied the dish with wild rice which takes 25 minutes to cook so needed starting before anything else. I take so long to lay out all the ingredients as per TV cooking shows before I start that the rice was ready way before the curry.