Good Food Venetian Duck Ragu

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: March 2014
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This was a first for me - I hadn't cooked duck before. I had visions of finding it difficult to source the meat but in fact my local Tesco stocks duck legs so no problem there! The biggest issue was finding paccheri pasta - which I finally located in an Italian delicatessen in deepest Fulham. The young half-Italian lad who served me laughed uproariously at my attempt at pronouncing paccheri, so to save further mocking at a later date I have committed the pronunciation to my memory banks.

Of course the biggest problem with duck is the cooking time.The meat took 2.5 hours which means a certain amount of planning is required if the intention is to serve this as part of a dinner party. Shredding the meat is of course great fun and something I have witnessed many times in Chinese restaurants over the years.

I was very pleased with the result and would definitely cook again - even if it's only to use up the large packet of paccheri I had to purchase!

Changes from Published Recipe

I was making the dish just for myself - this is almost always the case the first time I prepare a new recipe. If it's a success then I will unleash on others. If it's a failure then it gets quietly dropped. So, I only needed one duck leg, and rather than weigh the pasta I did (what probably everyone else does) tipped out the pasta onto my dinner plate and determined allowing for expansion I will need. I then elected to half the ingredients of the ragu which worked well and there was enough left over for a second helping.