Good Food Venison Steaks with Wild Mushroom Sauce

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: February 2014
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This was a welcome return to venison for me. The previous time I'd eaten the meat, back in 1997 at a very famous Lincoln restaurant, it was tough, chewy and barely fit for human consumption. The availability of venison has radically changed subsequent to that experience. It is now possible to buy venison steaks and venison burgers at my local Tesco and Sainsburys. The recipe featured in BBC Good Food February 2014 issue also requires dried porcini mushrooms, and by sheer serendipity I had been gifted a packet by a dear friend. So when I saw this recipe I knew I had to give it a try.

It proved to be an overwhelming success, and as you can imagine with so little going on, very easy to recreate.

Changes from Published Recipe

A rather strange recipe this - penned for three people. So how many of the readership would that apply to? I was making just for myself so cooked one venison steak as per the instructions and it turned out perfectly. I made the sauce as printed, which did obviously mean more was made than required and it was a little wasteful but I was wary of attempting to scale the recipe and getting the proportions incorrect.