Hamlyn All Colour Cook Book Boeuf Stroganoff

Book: Hamlyn All Colour Cook Book
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9780600343349
ASIN: 0600343340
Release Date: 1st January 1970
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Boeuf (Beef) Stroganoff is my all time favourite dish and I suspect this favouritism germinated from the legendary Hamlyn All Colour Cook Book. The book was first published in 1970, although my own impression is the 23trd dated 1983 which I suspect I must have bought (or been gifted) before going to Uni for my undergraduate degree. Having said that, my copy is in pristine condition so it must have been more an ornament than a reference during those student years.

For yardsticks, I've had the good fortune to live within walking distance of two pre-eminent Russian restaurants in west London (Nikitas in Ifield Road, West Brompton / Earls Court / Chelsea, and Borshtch 'n' Tears in Beaauchamp Place, Knightsbridge). Both serve excellent and classic Beef Stroganoff, and topping them will always be a challenge at home.

I suspect that due to the ageing process my taste-buds are dying off since the Hamlyn recipe was a little lacklustre and bland. It needed more seasoning and perhaps a little beef stock to dilute the sour cream and add richness.

Not an unmitigated disaster, but not the gastronomic experience I was expecting either. On the whole a little disappointing.

Changes from Published Recipe

No changes were made to the recipe, apart from all measurements being halved.