Haverthwaite to Lakeside Walk

Haverthwaite Station->Lakeland Motor Museum->Newby Bridge Station->Lakeside

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Waypoint 1: Haverthwaite Station

Latitude: 54.24918 Longitude: -2.99975

The walk starts off in the car park of Haverthwaite station, the western terminus of the heritage steam Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway. This will give you an opportunity to check out the steam motive depot and, should you coincide your start with the timetable, the movement of an old steam engine. This is precisely what I did, and my photographs are in the gallery here. The walk is road-based so you will just need a comfortable pair of normal walking shoes. Leave the car park and head easterly towards Backbarrow on the A590.

Waypoint 2: A590 / Backbarrow junction

Latitude: 54.24988 Longitude: -2.99661

A590 Backbarrow juntionThe A590 is a fast-moving dual carriageway at this point, and will soon be impassible by foot, so we take a left turn and walk towards Backbarrow on a sleepy minor road. There is a small general store / post office on the right after 10 minutes or so, so you will be able to stock up on refreshments although they only had full fat Cola and Sprite on my visit.

Waypoint 3: Bridge by Whitewater Hotel

Latitude: 54.256 Longitude: -2.99031

Whitewater Hotel BridgeWhen you get to the bridge, cross it and fork left towards the motor museum. The bridge was undergoing repairs on my visit, as you can see by the scaffolding encasing the structure. It was passable for pedestrians, but vehicles were being diverted along towards Newby Bridge.

Waypoint 4: Lakeland Motor Museum

Latitude: 54.25925 Longitude: -2.989

The first jumping off point on the walk is the Lakeland Motor Museum which also has a picturesque cafe overlooking the river Leven, and amble seating both inside and outside. I photographed my visit to the museum, and the results can be seen here.

Waypoint 5: Haverthwaite Heights

Latitude: 54.26012 Longitude: -2.99256

Haverthwaite Heights WestwardHaverthwaite Heights EastwardYou will now need to retrace your steps back past the Whitewater Hotel and over the bridge, then take a right eastwards where the river Leven will be on your right-hand side. The railway will be on your left on an embankment, and after a few minutes you will see the opportunity to walk up the embankment to check out the trackwork. This is an excellent photo opportunity, although obviously be careful if you hear a train approaching!

Waypoint 6: Finsthwaite Lane Railway Bridge

Latitude: 54.2632 Longitude: -2.9901

Finsthwaite Lane Railway BridgeClamber down the embankment and continue walking in an easterly direction. You will soon come to the Finsthwaite Lane Railway Bridge - another great photo opportunity should a train be passing over as you arrive. Once you have gone under the bridge, the walk becomes much more arduous with quite a climb to get the heart rate pounding. You will be walking away from the railway and you will lose sight of it for quite a while. Don't worry, you aren't lost!

Waypoint 7: Water Side House

Latitude: 54.26854 Longitude: -2.97834

Water Side HouseJust when you think you are lost, you will come across a junction where you need to turn right which will propel you back towards the railway, although for quite a period it will be obscured. Finally, as you approach Water Side House, you will see the railway down below in a beautifully scenic setting. Continue along the road and you will descend down to the road bride at the western end of Newby Bridge station. This is another excellent photo opportunity which I took in my gallery.

Waypoint 8: Newby Bridge Station

Latitude: 54.26938 Longitude: -2.97429

Newby Bridge Station WestwardNewby Bridge Station EastwardsNewby Bridge Station is a single track halt on the heritage railway line although because of its spartan and utilitarian appearance, doesn't have too many period features. However, I was lucky when I arrived since a train appeared after only 5 minutes wait.

Waypoint 9: Lakeside Drive Carefully

Latitude: 54.27466 Longitude: -2.96137

Lakeside Drive CarefullyAfter leaving Newby Bridge Station continue easterly towards Newby Bridge. You will see The Swan Hotel. Either stop by for some refreshment, or as in my case, press on towards Lakeside. You must cross the river Leven again and follow the signpost to Lakeside. After fifteen minutes walk you will be approaching the outskirts of Lakeside and you'll see the 'Drive Carefully' signage - baffling logic although perhaps it plants a seed inside a driver's head to lift off slightly? My photography leaves a lot to be desired here - you won't actually be able to see the lettering, although the exposure that day was particularly difficult since there was bright sunshine and heavy shadows and tree canopies for it to deal with.

Waypoint 10: Lakeside

Latitude: 54.27856 Longitude: -2.95673

LakesideLakesideContinue walking and soon you will see signs of civilization and opulence. When you get to the Lakeside Hotel turn right and the road will take you to the quayside, aquarium and the Lakeside railway terminus. In reality, there isn't a great deal to Lakeside apart from these trappings - for instance there are no shops beyond the obvious tourist gift shop and cafe at the station. Once you've had a reviving cuppa, you now face a decision - take the boat across the lake, catch the train back to Haverthwaite, or reward yourself with more exercise by retracing your steps Smile