Hereford United

Sat 16th Mar 2013    BSBP     Hereford United   2-1   Barrow AFC Att: 1273
My after-game forum comments:
I echo most of what Si says in his original after-match post, primarily because it's what we discussed sat next to each other on the train going home last night. I am still angry about what I witnessed yesterday and my feeling is the culprits need to be identified to those unable to travel. I am also happy to praise those who deserve it. Special mention to Hunter who was brilliant at fullback and was my man of the match. Credit also to Baker-man - again a great midfield performance equal to what I saw at FGR last week, Skelton who was sublime and Boyes who worked his socks off and looked quality. My order of brilliance is Hunter->Baker->Skelton->Boyes, but hats off to all four.

Now the culprits. Danny L Rowe - I can just about forgive the fact you are an utterly talentless sub-BSBN standard footballer who cannot trap a bag of cement. I cannot forgive your lackadaisical laissez-faire attitude on the pitch. I expect anyone who pulls on the Barrow shirt to bust a gut and chase everything until they drop. I do not want to see half-arsed attempts to tackle and then stand about remonstrating to the referee whilst every one else is killing themselves to get back.

Efe Sodje - regrettably at fault for the first goal with an appalling defensive blunder compounded by McConman's needless goalkeeping exploits. McConman himself - he's got the talent, but not the attitude which is why he's been passed over by clubs with bigger budgets than ours. i can only hope his contract will not be renewed the next time it expires.

But I reserve most of my not inconsiderable ire for Dave Bayliss. A change should have been made as soon as Conman went off. Bayliss - how you couldn't see that L Rowe was doing absolutely nothing beggars belief. Why on earth did you signal to Hunter, with more than 5 mins to go + a whole load of injury time, to waste time by the corner flag instead of throwing the ball into the box? You are a scared rabbit caught in the headlines. You are inert and paralysed with fear. To do nothing is considerably worse than changing something that was patently not working.

What stuck in my craw was the realisation that I have lost faith in the guy running the show. My confidence is shot, and if my confidence has gone, I really feel for the players.

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