House of Marley Positive Vibrations Rasta Headphones

Submitted by nigel on Sunday 27th May 2012

I can't deny it - when I first saw these house of Marley Positive Vibrations Rasta headphones I thought they can't be anything more than a gimmick and they can't possibly match anything on market from the 'big boys' for a comparable price. There is no doubt that the headphones are absolute beauts with their Rastafarian inspired colour scheme, but are they the real deal with respect to their sound capabilities?

The sound doesn't disappoint. It's probably a little warmer than I like but with well rounded bass and treble. My first musical foray was Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony (Number 6) which was incredibly clear and precise and a rewarding experience. I then switched to Madonna's Ray of Light album - not because I have any great allegiance to Madonna, but purely because the production values on her albums are the best available for any Pop / Rock act. The result was a spectacularly lively and accurate listen. Having 'test driven' professional headphones in the shop at the same time with prices approaching £300, I can confirm that whilst these House of Marley 'phones aren't quite in that league, the differences are marginal.

The 'phones come with a wonderfully retro braided lead which is adequate for mobile music listening, or for a laptop perched on the lap, but will probably need an extension for more remote connection to say a Hi-Fi separates system.

The ear pieces are perhaps a touch small, but then they are considered 'on ear' as opposed to 'over -ear' and I have had no problems with ear-ache thus far. The headband has a good amount of adjustment available so again I have had no problem adjusting the 'phones to get a comfortable fit.

The 'phones come in eco-friendly packaging, look great, and sound fantastic. For the money there really isn't anything not to like!

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