How to use Drupal 6 bookcat module with FNProgramvare BookCAT 10

Submitted by nigel on Sunday 3rd February 2013

When I originally developed my Drupal 6 bookcat module as a CMS website version of FNProgramvare's BookCAT product, it was aimed at BookCAT version 8. Since then Fredrik's BookCAT has gone through two further revisions, and during that process the database schema has changed. This has led to problems with my Drupal 6 module and as a consequence I've introduced a solution which circumvents the necessity to redevelop my work or have multiple versions of my own.

To get FNProgramvare's BookCAT database into the Drupal CMS, you need to use the Bullzip MS Access-> MySQL conversion facility. This will give you an MySQL sql dump file comprising many thousands of MMySQL commands. To ensure the continued use of my Drupal module, before importing the dump file into MySQL, simply add the following lines to the end of the code.

UPDATE `BookImage` SET `Image` = NULL WHERE `Image` = 'TPF0' AND `ImageExternal` = 1;
UPDATE `PersonImage` SET `Image` = NULL WHERE `Image` = 'TPF0' AND `ImageExternal` = 1;
ALTER TABLE `Book` CHANGE `TitleSort` `SortBy` varchar(255);
ALTER TABLE `Contents` CHANGE `TitleSort` `SortBy` varchar(255);
This will amend your database schema so it will now work with my Drupal 6 bookcat module :)
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