Kettering Town

Sat 21st Apr 2012    BSBP     Kettering Town   1-1   Barrow AFC Att: 896
My after-game forum comments:
Funny kinda game that. Very open. In the first half we were clearly the better team but played without tempo or urgency so I was far from surprised when Kettering grabbed a goal just before the interval - in fact I forecast it as those sat around me will testify.

Second half we knocked it around well, particularly the last 20 minutes when we created chance after chance. Boyes and Cook were a good double act and I lost count of their shots. James Owen was through against the keeper but snatched his shot, Boyes scuffed a shot when also one-on-one and stuffed up another two opportunities - one he allowed to run out for a goal kick, another he allowed the keeper to smother.

Later in the game when the Barrow team realised they were miles better than Kettering there was loads of running and dribbling through the Poppies - including two extraordinary runs by YJO. The stats on the BBC website don't lie - 19 shots from the lads and Kettering really aught to have been buried, and but for a point blank save by their keeper from a late Cooky shot they could well have been.

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Venue: Nene Park
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