Launch of Small Communities Adverts Software

My latest software release is a system for small communities to manage and administer small ads. At present, using a CMS product such as Drupal it is relatively easy to develop a Craig's List or Gumtree clone. Whilst a system like this would be very useful for a site requiring national coverage, it does not serve a small community particularly well. The problem is the way the Gumtrees of this World work - they have numerous categories of advertisement which is no good when they may be only one advert per category. A user would be confronted with endless and tedious navigation whilst trying to browse the averts.

This is where my Small Communities System is different - it lays out the ads in exactly the same way a small community journal would - with the adverts displayed in a tabular fashion, clearly visible to the user.

Furthermore, the system has some neat features. Adverts automatically expire and become unpublished (i.e. not visible to the end user) after a pre-determined amount of time that defaults to one month but can be set to any time. When an advertiser renews an advert, it is a trivial task to republish the advert.

The system comes with full reporting capabilities - the editor can see at a glance when adverts are due to expire, and thus contact the advertiser requesting renewal fees.

Suffice to say, the system can be easily themed to match the corporate identity of the company using the system so it has the same 'look and feel'

For further information, check out it's home page at and have a look at the demo at Pricing information is available by completing the site's contact form.